How to Become a Great Personal Assistant

One of the things that CEOs or company leaders are looking for, is a personal assistant who can act like a leader of the company. They are commonly referred to as chief of staff. They are the ones who know the business objectives and understand their importance. They are also the ones who know the key people in the business and business partners. And all of these while helping you unload some of the administrative stuff off your shoulders.

So how can you be a great chief of staff?

Have Initiative

assistantThis is one of the most important parts of being a great personal assistant. Having initiative is uncommon in this field. Some people will only do what they were told and will only accomplish what they were asked. While there is nothing wrong with it, you can take this a step further if you really want to propel your career into a different level by application category.

Having initiative means you don’t have to be asked to do other things that will make the result better. You don’t have to be told to correct some mistakes that you have already seen. In this way, you can really help out in the business to make it better than what it is now.

Passion for Learning

This is an important key in becoming a great assistant. The passion for learning will really help you to become a great assistant because you will not be afraid to take on responsibilities because you now that you will gain some new knowledge at the end. This is also helpful if you are trying to get a promotion because additional skills and knowledge will definitely be an advantage aside from some health products for you.


Strong Business Mindset

This is essential if you want to be on top because you also need to think how the owners think – similar to a sightseeing boat tour. This will help you in making decisions while you are working. This will also develop your other skills along the way that will be proven helpful as you progress in your career. This is not about thinking that you are the boss. But this is really taking care of the business as if it was yours.