Most frequent questions and answers

To be frank, it is not. It is manageable though. You need to constantly update what you know and the current skills that you have in order for you to be successful in this area. Also, if you are just starting, be prepared to do multiple roles at once and be pressured because of short deadlines.

Normally, companies advertise within their networks when they’re looking for a professional assistant. So it would be best if you do some networking with other professional assistants so you can find listings easily. There are times that they publish in some online job portals.

Yes, there are many companies who work with remote professional assistants. This is a great opportunity for those who want to travel or do something else while still keeping a job. Because you won’t have to go to the office, you can use the extra time to do something for yourself.

It depends on the company you are working with but normally, you will start low but there is a chance that you will be promoted fast. If you will show what you can bring on the table, your bosses will easily recognize what you can contribute to their business.

Yes, anyone can be a great professional assistant. Actually, if you came from another field of work, you can also be an asset to the company because you have other skills that you can contribute in the company. In this way, you can also demand a higher salary if you want to.

Yes, we do have some training that we provide to those who want to brush up their skills of being professional assistant. You can also look at our website for our guides and videos that will really help you to become a great professional assistant. Our community is here to help you too so register now!