Best Cookware Under $100

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About a month ago, for my birthday my aunt gave me a “Le Creuset Cast-Iron Grill”. Around my family, she is known for buying expensive, not useful trinkets so when I saw it, my instinct was to re-gift it, A few days later I had lunch with some friends but I really didn´t want to go through the mess of preparing a super fancy meal. So i opened the “Le Creuset Grill” and decided to give it a try, and it was just fantastic. All you have to do is put it on top of the stove and voila, it´s ready to begin cooking.

Fancy Rib-eye Cooking

The rib-eye´s I cooked had grill marks identical to a professional grill, and it traps the heat hence, they were seared to perfection. The best part was that I just had to kind of rinse it and it looked brand new. Cooking is a passion for me, hence every new cooking tool I can add to the kitchen gets me excited, even more if they are easy to use and high quality items. I also own the Rachel Ray Cucina Porcelain Enamel nonstick Cookware set which name sounds like a hassle, but honestly it´s great if you hate doing the dishes as much as I do. Truth be told, if you buy this you won´t need any more tools in your kitchen.

Cookware That Make Cooking A Joy

You have your saucepans, a stock pot, skillets, a turner and a spoon. Perfect for making every meal you can find. Nowadays, everything seems so expensive, and if it isn´t honestly it´s low quality, so when I find cookware this good I can´t help but share it with the world. It´s really inexpensive, the cookware has 12 pieces and it´s about $94 and will probably last you for the years to come.

Invest In A Grill

The grill, works as good as a professional grill, and yet it´s so easy to use. Great quality professional grills go for about 500 dollars and “Le Creuset-Iron Grill” only goes for 100 bucks. Both are worth every penny.

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