My search for the best kitchen knife

I have recently taken up a part time catering course at my local adult college. I love cooking and preparing meals for my kids. I even encourage them to help me in preparing the vegetables and making the family stews. Now that they are that little bit older, I have a little extra time to myself and so therefore I thought that enrolling in a cookery course would be a fabulous idea to learn more recipes and how to prepare food correctly.

Within the first week, we were all told to purchase a good kitchen knife, so that we could practice what we learn in class at home. I do have kitchen knives but they are getting on a bit now. So I looked on the Internet and began to read up on what the culinary professionals and kitchen websites recommended as the best kitchen knives to buy. This was my starting point as it gave me the brands to look for. They included, Victorinox, Global and Wusthof. My aim was to buy one of the best kitchen knives available, but at a reasonable price.

I then looked on Amazon to compare prices and customer reviews. The Victorinox kitchen knife I found was an 8 inch chef’s knife that was priced just under $40, this had fantastic customer reviews and was rated as a best seller. The Global knife that I found was also 8 inches but this was priced much higher at $100, but again had wonderful customer feedback. The final knife I found was the 6 inch Gourmet Chef’s knife priced at just under $70. This also came highly recommended.

To be honest after having read all of the top 10 knives reviews and recommendations I felt that any of these kitchen knives could perform the job that I needed them to do. Therefore I decided to choose the cheapest and bought the Victorinox chef’s knife.

I’ve been using this knife for several weeks now and it does the job perfectly. It’s incredibly versatile when in the kitchen. My advice to you is to find out what kitchen knives are available, choose those knives that are recommended by professionals and then shop around for the best price. I’m glad I did.

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