Why I decided to buy a bread machine

After reading more reviews of the top bread machines, I was more than convinced that I should buy one of these appliances. For starters, I was tired of the taste of store-bought bread, and I wanted to control the ingredients that I use in my bread. I also wanted to save some money because bread has become quite expensive, especially gluten-free products. Bread machines can also do more than just make bread, and there’s the dough setting that I could use for mixing, kneading and fermenting the dough without becoming messy. I could then use the dough for various purposes, either to make pie, pizza, croissants or cake.

A bread machine also has a cake setting, which I could use for making cakes. This is great because the bread maker now replaces my oven, stand mixer and hand mixer. Replacing these appliances means that I can now save more money. I also live in a small apartment and there’s not a lot of room in my kitchen. This means that my bread machine takes up little space since I don’t have to buy many different appliances. I also realized that there’s a bread machine that could also make jam.

I have Japanese neighbors and so I could now use a versatile machine to prepare for them Japanese foods such as brioche, udon, steamed bread and mocha. Once I read more bread maker reviews, I bought a good appliance that has continued to serve me well. I now enjoy waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, and it’s the best tasting loaf of bread too. I learnt that when my bread had finished baking, I should cool it immediately so that the optimal color and texture is maintained. I also resist the temptation of slicing the bread immediately it has baked so that I can keep it moist inside but not spongy.

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